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Monkey Skull Copper Plated Flip-Opening 18 Guage Steel Helmet


SKU: 910995
Inner MaterialLeather
Outer Material18-Gauge Steel
Special Features:Copper Finish
Flip Opening Mechanism

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• DIMENSION: This monkey skull helmet has dimensions of 7.5 inches from ear to ear, 9 inches from nose to the back of the cranium, and 10 inches from chin to the top of the skull.
• DURABILITY: This wearable helmet is made from extremely durable 18-gauge steel with a copper finish and is treated for resilience to rust and corrosion.
• ADJUSTABLE: This animal-themed helmet has an interior leather cap that is fully adjustable to suit a range of adult and adolescent head sizes. It also has a chin strap for a secure fit.
• VERSATILE: This costume helmet’s face is completely movable and can be slid up or in front as the wearer sees appropriate. It also provides a distinctive appearance that will stand out in any crown or event.


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